Anthology Launch at Golden Hare Books

*update* me on the night – fabulous venue, home crowd, top stories. Thanks again to all who made it happen.

Super excited to be reading my winning story ‘Wait’ at the Brighton Prize 2017 Anthology launch, Scottish leg, along with runner-up Douglas Bruton and Joanna Pliesse. I’ve discovered it’s a unique pleasure reading my work, made up of equal parts joy and terror so I’ll be glad to see plenty of smiley friends. Also the stories are EPIC obvs. Pleeeeeassse come.

It’s on 3rd May at 6.30pm at Golden Hare Books in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. For book lovers it’s a wee gem in the heart of the city. There will be wine, and I suspect it will be golden.

Tickets are £5. Exorcists go free. Click the link to get yours.

Brighton Prize Scottish Launch

P.S. that was a joke about the exorcists. But there will be ghosts.

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