Brighton Prize

So this is a bit exciting….

***UPDATE!!! Stunned and delighted to have won first prize for short story ‘Wait’.

Brighton Prize 2017 Anthology

Shouts out to all the writers on the long list for the Brighton Prize. If you’re like me, prone to the occasional wobble, these slaps on the back are soooo important for keeping the motivation up. Especially if you’re more used to scanning to the end of the list and falling off, into the queasy mouth of disappointment.

Writing competitions bookend the process, making it seem more like productive work than airy daydream. Also the adrenaline rush of the deadline is a marvellous thing. Got to get your kicks somehow right?

I’ll be watching for the shortlist with tumble-drier tum. Best of luck everyone!

Silver Pen Write Well Anthology

Write Well Award 2017

Delighted to be included in this year’s anthology available from 15th September.

‘3for2’ is one for all the frazzled mamas and papas out there, a riff on that age-old dilemma when shopping with kids: free shampoo or sharp exit? I know which one I choose.

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